Product Validation & Test Automation

We develop comprehensive test suites & test automation for product manufacturing

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Product Validation & Test Automation Dev

Have a product to sell, but need test suits? Manufacturing integration? Test Automation?

Whether you need an end-to-end test manufacturing solution or an extra hand in one or more related areas, we can help. We provide test development and consulting services, including product test assessments, test environment assessments, test metrics & specification requirements, test suite development, test automation & reporting development, manufacturing & intranet integration. Our test development expertise includes consumer electronics, servers & appliances, SBCs, web based software solutions, Custom Linux operating systems & more.

Test Suite Development

First, we perform product and test environment assessments to determine test metrics and specification requirements. Then, we work to develop the test suites according to specifications documentation. Next, we explicitly validate each test point within the test suites to ensure no false pass or fail results will be encountered as a result of test suite development or parallel product testing within the same environment. Continuing, we work to incorporate the capture of test events to ensure there are debug methods available for each potential test event within the test suites. Then, we verify all test points and results are captured with the appropriate level of verbosity and formatting for test reporting and DB integration.

Product Initialization

Let our product initialization services work for you. Our goal, turn on your uninitialized product and let our tools do the work. Depending upon the capability of your product, we may employ PXE boot for custom OS installation and/or post install content loading and launching test automation. We customize Linux OS images for manufacturing & distribution. No more post-install downloads or configurations. We integrate most content, services, proprietary utilities & open-source applications within your custom OS. Other products which don't support Network/PXE boot, we may employ USB boot to start the initialization.

Test Automation

We provide true end-to-end test automation development. From server controller configuration, PXE OS loading, test sequencing, over-arching test automation and monitoring, real-time online test status updates, manufacturing database development and intranet integration and reporting. We've developed it all before and we can do it again for you.

Manufacturing & Intranet Integration

Automate real-time data imports and updates to increase your efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness. Product test data, inventory, customer orders, vendor info and more. Capture, data mine and deliver the results and views to meet target audience needs. Let us help integrate your database, manufacturing and intrenet environments.

General Script Development

We provide general scripting and programming services. These services include Custom Linux OS dev, bash scripting, Linux admin services, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 & custom DB development services. Whatever scripting, intranet, web/database integration you need, we can help.