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Small Business Technical Services

Save time, costs & reduce complexity by leveraging our technical services and latest technologies. Whether you are planning to migrate your website or business data to a new host platform, migrate your operations from Windows/applications to Linux/open source software, create a new impactful website or landing page, develop task automation, upgrade your network infrastructure, or, integrate cloud services into your business operations, we can help.

Web Domain Migration & Management

We can migrate your entire website from one web-hosting platform to another. Transfer your domain, migrate your website content, database, style, features, files & scripts, from one web-hosting provider to a new platform. Such migration includes all front-end and back-end infrastructure, including email accounts, quotas and other related scripts, databases, and utilities.

Linux Migration & Open Source Software

Migrating your operations from Windows/applications to Linux and open source software can be a snap (very small learning slope for most users) and save literally thousands of dollars each year through licensing and application purchasing costs.

Today’s Linux Operating Systems are as easy (or easier) to navigate as any of the Windows OS distributions. Moreover, such Linux OS’s not only are free to use, but have literally 10’s of thousands of free open source software applications readily available. Many are somewhat comparable to applications such as Microsoft Office, Exchange, Photoshop and so many more. Plus, many applications today offer Linux installation (most freemium apps & services). In cases where you cannot part with a particular Windows-only-based application, there are free software applications which allow Windows to run virtually on these Linux distributions.

Finally, most Linux OS’s run far more efficiently than, say, Windows 10. Why this matters? Instead of purchasing new laptops, workstations or servers that have become slow and unresponsive, migrate to Linux. Chances are you may get another year or more out of hardware that would otherwise be ready to retire. Take advantage of widely adopted open source resources today.

Data Migration, Backup & Recovery

Data Backup: There are many cost-efficient options for data backup and recovery. In addition, there are options available to automated such backups. Backup options include full data backup (everything), targeted backup (key directories on a given server or device), Sync backup (backup mirror), or Snapshots, where data is backed up at a specific point in time (on a regular cadence, like every 30 days, or on demand). Data backup may be managed on one, many or all devices. Finally, data backup may reside on a local server, cloud service (such as AWS) or hybrid solutiuon.

Data Pooling: This is an process where data (file, databases and more) are shared by different devices from a common platform. Data Pool helps reduce data storage requirements, provide opportunity for greater organization & efficiencies, while reducing the risk of multiple copies (and competing revisions) of a given file or data object.

Data Recovery: May be performed for a given file, directory, device, or devices, depending upon the event which warranted the recovery. For example, corruption of a key file may be recovered, recovery for a device lost or damaged, or disaster recovery where there has been significant organizational data loss. Such options are an organizational decision based on policy, cost and other factors. In either of these cases, we have you covered.

Websites & Landing Pages (subsidiary CTW)

Our landing pages are not only cost-effective, they have a different purpose than many web-page types. They are designed to be high-impact, with clear purpose and call to action. In many cases, this page type is intended to be used when your customer is ready to buy. Capture the sale without having your customer navigate through a website filled with unexpected and unwanted distractions and repeating information designed to make a sale. When customers are ready to buy, they want the buying process to be clear, concise and efficiently.

Here is an example of one of our landing pages
Here are some examples of one of our website designs

Workflow Efficiency Through Automation

There are more applications, services and programming options than ever before to automate repetitive tasks, data collection/analytics, product order configurations, diagnostics, testing and more. Whether your leveraging search engines, combing through websites or scanning web pages for data each day, or testing a product, we can help you automate many of these tasks to save you time and money. Boil custom web analytics down to a daily report, import such data into your meeting metrics, generate leads or target links to follow up on, and so much more. We have the tools and expertise to to help increase efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy.

As part of such development, we provide general scripting and programming services. These services include Custom Linux OS dev, bash scripting, Linux admin services, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 & custom DB development services. Whatever scripting, intranet, web/database integration you need, we can help.

Remote Work & Access

Increasingly, business demands and other factors require working remotely for both employees and employer. With these factors in mind, we offer safe and secure options for efficient remote work, such as Remote Desktop (business location) & Virtual desktop (cloud solution), remote network access (Linux CLI - ssh, rsync, scp…), intranet websites with access to key business resources, and more.

Local Network Setup & Maintenance

Local network, or internet upload/download speeds not cutting it? We can help assess options, costs and other factors to get things moving. WiFi/LAN/Switch upgrades, maintenance, firewall security, DHCP setup, we can assist.

Hardware Maintenance

Save time and money upgrading your existing hardware and/or software. In many instances upgrading, laptop, desktop, workstation or server hardware storage and/or RAM (in addition to migrating to a lighter-weight Linux OS), can buy a year or two additional lifespan for hardware. In many instance, operating systems such as Windows 10 may consume more than 400% the system resource as compared to available open source Linux distributions. No more reoccurring Windows 10 bugs perpetually consuming 100% of storage bandwidth. In addition, Linux distributions are still dramatically less susceptible to viruses and other malicious black-hat concoctions. You may be surprised how much life and performance is still available in the hardware you have today.