Linux OS Images

Custom Linux OS images for manufacturing & distribution

Analytics Ocean Custom Linux

Custom Linux OS Distributions

We customize Linux OS images for manufacturing & distribution. No more post-install downloads, application installs or configuring. We integrate most content, services, proprietary utilities & open-source applications right into the install image. Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Mint and more.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Leverage custom Linux distributions for manufacturing. Loading your custom OS means, no additional configuration, installation or content is needed. All of the same content and application revisions each time, every time.

Image Distribution

Our OS customizations include integrating all of your customizations into one file image. Your OS image may be distributed via download from your website, loaded onto USB thumb drives, or whatever you decide is right for your mission. In addition, we will provide all open source licensing as needed within your OS image to meet such licensing agreements.

Applications, Utilities & Configurations

Integrate all of the applications, utilities and configuration settings you like. Automatically installed, each time and every time your custom OS is installed.

Custom Development Services

Need a custom utility, service or application developed? We can help here too. From Linux bash scripting, PHP7, MySQL, JavaScript, C++, Node.js, NPM, CSS3, HTML & more. We have years of experience to get the job done right.